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Grasshopper concert nails


Hi there! TGIF!
Today I have for you M&Ms nails in glitter. A different color for each finger and with bling. I was simply so excited to get my order of the new collection of ATG that I can’t wait to try them out! I totally forgot that I had a grasshopper concert to go to today. And how can I not do a set of totally OTT nails match their OTT show? Heheh. For those who are not familiar with Asian pop, the grasshoppers are possibly the first techno/disco boy band in the late 80s early 90s. I remembered their very first appearance in Singapore when I was attending secondary school. I am a giant fan of Anita Mui (their mentor) and naturally I got to check them out as they were her back up dancers then. It’s amazing that till this day, their energy on stage is exactly the same! Really high and great dancing and singing skills. Love it.
Anyway this is the MV that inspired me to do this manicure.
Grasshopper’s high energy concert

So I figured bling is definitely in order for this occasion! Hehe


The breakdown of the colors used are –
Thumb – Skin Food Pedicure sparkle gold (base), All that glitters spotty dotty gold (top)
Index – The face shop blue (base), LA Girl glitter addict jostle (top)
Middle – China glaze Ruby Pumps (base), ATG spottie Dottie Rosie (top)
Fourth – Three Beauties neon green 31 (base), Orly here comes trouble and Opi fresh frog of belair (top)
Pinky – Opi DS temptation (base), Skin food purple glitter (top)

Bling Bling Bling! Hope you all like it 🙂


Violet holos!!


I got my order of Jade holos today from Annette of Shoppe Eclecticco shoppe Eclecticco and decided to let Violeta be my NOTD. 🙂
On with the pics!

I was quite happy with the brush as its not thin like some. Although not as wide as Opi, it does the job.
I find the formula for this a little bit thick so I can imagine it will work well for stamping.
Some more pics! This looks amazingly different when I use flash. Check out the bling!



The color is a wonderful periwinkle violet which works quite well with my skin tone. I am waiting to take some pics under the sun. Am quite sure it will be gorgeous 🙂

To add interest, I used bundle monster stamping plate and did a layer of lace like design to bring out the the base color more. Sadly, it can only be seen under the flash (shucks!).


I shall see how it wears over these few days. Till then! Good night from my part of the world heheh
PS- under the crazy hot sun today it looks like this!


Barielle Island Breeze


Hi there, I realized I have tons of polish waiting for me to swatch!!! Arghhhh too many polishes and too little time. Ah well..
As mentioned in my earlier post, I used Island Breeze from Barielle as a base for my panda nails.
I like this polish a lot. For a host of reasons. It’s 3 free, it covers in two coats and the formula is great to work with. Not too runny or thick.

Check out the color in the bottle

There is a lovely lagoon shimmer to the color and shifts subtly from blue to turquoise shimmer. Love it!
For interest I topped this with two coats of Étude House large purple shimmer.


Panda nail


Friends who know me know that lately I have been really in to Chinese drama starring a particular Mr Nicky Wu droolahem respect. Anyhoo, the fanclub people call him the panda warrior and fan galspeople who respect his work pandas. Hence the inspiration for this particular nail art.


I did two versions for this design. One with Milani 3D holographic 509 and one with Barielle Island Breeze. Both look amazing. I love the formula for both as they cover well in just two coats and look at the colors!


Hello Kitty Nails (Kawaiiiiii….)


Hi lovelies!

Ok I must admit, I have a love-hate thing going on with Hello Kitty. On the one hand, I love the cutesy-ness of it all, but really on a close to 40 y.o., I am not sure if it is too much 😛

Anyway, this was the very first stamping that I did after I got the plate from Annette, I was super duper excited and wanted to try out a very fine gradation base to bring out the ‘cute-sy’ feel of it.

Inspired by The Swatchoholic blog, I used a very fine makeup sponge and mixed a few pastel colours and this is how it turned out –



With this base, I stamped this –


Look at how well the plate stamps! Every little detail shows!

What do you think? Is this too much for someone in the 30s?

LV nail :p


I got the Fab Ur Nails giant nail stamping plate from Annette of Shoppe EclecticCoAnnette

This plate is really nice as its got most of the zany elements that I love – LV, Hello Kitty, Russian doll etc etc. This stamps really well as the designs are edged pretty deep ( bundle monster are you listening to me?).

So at a spur of the moment. I decided to try the LV monogram plate. I wanted to match the color of the classic
Monogrammed bag and so I had Opi’s You Don’t Know Jacques as a base and stamped it with Konad light bronze. Turned out pretty well don’t you think? For a non LV fan that is. Hehehe





The Nail Junkie – Swatch Spring 2012 Line


I had a mini haul from The Nail Junkie recently. First up, I am super impressed with how the polishes are packed. Each bottle is housed in a really nice mini ‘tube’ which protects the bottle from breakage and looks great! On top of it all, with ANY purchase, you get a package of glitter remover wipes and for every 2 bottles, you get a artisan Cutie Balm.

On with the swatch –

Rose Pink from The Nail Junkie

This is from the Spring 2012 collection. Its a sweet pink, but not too ‘Barbie-ish’ – a thinking woman’s pink perhaps (LOL).

Usually I am not in to pinks, but this worked pretty well as it dries matt, giving it an edgy finish. I gave my tips a ‘bling’ finish with the Blaze’s Sparkelicious to red hot mama. As this is my FIRST matt polish, I could not really compare the application with anything. One thing for sure, you have to work FAST.

How do you like it? 🙂

To purchase the collection from The Nail Junkie –

To purchase the collection of Blaze, in Singapore I bought it off fab e-tailer Mei Mei Signature –