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Bling bling gongxi


Today is the eve of the lunar new year. It’s the most important holiday for the Chinese where we gather with our family and friends, feast, catch up and well…feast some more. Anyway I totally missed out on my new year shopping cos I have been so ill. Never been so sick my whole life it was scary. Anyway on the road to recovery and of course time to change my mani after 3 weeks of neglect. Yes, I did not change my mani for three weeks. Can’t believe it myself.
To celebrate the New Year I choose red and gold as the main colours for my mani. Did a bit of stamping and free hand. Check it out.





Inspired by Japanese origami paper, I used a really blingy gold base and sponged on a blingy sparkly red. I then use a Konad stamp and stamped on the little squares and freehand a peach blossom flower with some branches. Peach blossoms are a popular lunar new year flower and lots of families buy it to decorate their homes during this time.
Hope you like this design and wishing you all the health, wealth and wisdom in the new year of the snake!

Here’s a red packet from me to you! 🙂


Stamping cocktail


Hi there! It’s the weekend here but seems like I will be working thru this weekend while recovering from fever and cough. Ain’t fun…. Anyway I DO have a fun mani on today.
I was inspired by a friend who posted this photo on Facebook and asked if anyone can teach her how to do this.
Sorry the pic was not watermarked or anything so if it belongs to someone please let me know and I will gladly credit her.

Whilst my stamping skills are not even a fraction of this talented nail artist, I just had to try this!
So this is my version of the cocktail stamping.

Excuse my crazy dry cuticles, have not given them any TLC lately 😦
Anyhoo, this was done using the face shop’s white creme as a base. This has got to be my absolute favorite white creme polish. No streaking, covers in two coats and cheap as chips! What’s not to love?
I then stamped an assortment of designs using Konan, Bundle Monster and Red Angel’s plates. It was really challenging to match the positioning for the thumb and index finger. Hope I didn’t do too bad. I found that using a used or old credit card as a scrapper works sooo much better than the konad or normal scrapper. Somehow the finer details gets picked up. Do try this method for stamping sometime. Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend all! ❤




Hi Lovlies! I am on a roll tonight. Making up for lost time 😀
So there I was spending a cosy Christmas at home with no plans at all. What better thing to do than cook up some festive mani right? Check it out!


I first used Enchanted Polish’s Ballerina Sprinkles as a base. This is light blue polish with a very subtle pink shimmer and very slight scattered holo on the nail.
Of course I won’t leave this alone :p






I used Hit’s Apolo a dark blue linear holo and created a gradation effect. Stamped this with white snowflakes and topped it all with Daring Digits’ Ice Age.
I love love love Ice Age. Really it’s give a blingy wonderful boost to the mani creating a snow flake effect. Made out of light blue tiny hex, large white hex suspended in a very light blue jelly base.. Love it!
I got this as a part of the grab bag from mei mei
She is having a special sale for Daring Digits. It’s only SGD10 a bottle!!! Grab while stocks last!! She ships worldwide except for Italy.
So what do you lovelies think? Snowflakes in sunny humid Singapore?


Candy candy


Hi lovelies! Today I have a super sweet mani for you. Check it out!




I used China Glaze’s shocking pink neon as a base and stamped it with bundle monster’s candies plate with liquid leather from Bundle Monster. For the accent nail I used Layla’s Caviar Effect Nail art from shoppe eclecticco she is having a 20% off store wide birthday sale! Quickly grab a bottle before it goes out of stock!
I heard about the use of the word caviar is trademarked so I will call this my candy mani. Looks a lot more like candy than caviar me thinks. What do you say?
Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you!

Velvet mani


I have been living under a rock and only recently found out Ciate is rolling out a new nail ‘look’ following the caviar manicure. It’s the velvet nails look and here it is.





I ordered the flocking for this look online and these are the two colors that I tried on once they arrived. I really dig the green cos it reminds me of a golf course putting green, so while I can’t play now due to a back injury…I can still reminisce….
Application is a breeze cos top coat is obviously unnecessary BUT it does create a mess and you need a small brush to dust off the excess flocking.
I think this look works great for fall/winter, very textured and matt creating a really luxe look. I will try out other colors soon, watch this space!

So what do you think of this trend? Yay or nay? Would love to hear from you !

Tips for application –
I tested on the wear for this mani and generally the flocking does fall off a little when you wash your hands. Make sure your base colour matches the flock quite closely so even if it does fall off, your base colour can camouflage that. Secondly, after applying flock, you must press the whole thing to your nail to make sure it sticks to your nail. Next brush off excess and you are done! My mani lasted 3 days.
Hope this helps! 🙂

Holo butterfly birthday mani


Hi lovelies! How has your week been so far? As its my birthday month I participated in an instagram nail art contest. It’s my big four o this year so I had in mind something totally different. No candles or cake. More pensive n reflective therefore the butterfly wings. I was reflecting and thinking about morphing from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. A wonderful analogy for our lives don’t you think?




I used Fnug holo green as a base. Check out the linear holo!! Love it! I then freehand petals and dotted in black and white.
Hope you like this and thanks for reading!
PS – the ring was my inspiration, I will probably try this mani with the same colour combo next time.

Can you see my holo holo holo


Hi lovelies! Sorry for the hiatus cos I have been away in Taiwan for a week long break ^^
Lovely surprise greeted me in the form of color club’s holos ordered from Harlow & Co.

Of course I had to swatch them pronto and I am starting with Cherubic. A light peachy-pinkish holo. My pics can’t capture this well but trust me the holo effect is A M A M Z I N G! Even indoors I can see double rainbows.
I then stamped roses on this mani to make the holo pop.



Formula is a bit thick so I had to apply thin coats. Actually one coat is enough for full coverage but I had to apply two cos I am finicky like that.
I had used nufu oh’s base coat with this polish but it did not do much to prolong wear as mine started to chip after two days.
Will swatch the rest real soon, watch this space! 🙂