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The Nail Junkie – Swatch Spring 2012 Line


I had a mini haul from The Nail Junkie recently. First up, I am super impressed with how the polishes are packed. Each bottle is housed in a really nice mini ‘tube’ which protects the bottle from breakage and looks great! On top of it all, with ANY purchase, you get a package of glitter remover wipes and for every 2 bottles, you get a artisan Cutie Balm.

On with the swatch –

Rose Pink from The Nail Junkie

This is from the Spring 2012 collection. Its a sweet pink, but not too ‘Barbie-ish’ – a thinking woman’s pink perhaps (LOL).

Usually I am not in to pinks, but this worked pretty well as it dries matt, giving it an edgy finish. I gave my tips a ‘bling’ finish with the Blaze’s Sparkelicious to red hot mama. As this is my FIRST matt polish, I could not really compare the application with anything. One thing for sure, you have to work FAST.

How do you like it? 🙂

To purchase the collection from The Nail Junkie –


To purchase the collection of Blaze, in Singapore I bought it off fab e-tailer Mei Mei Signature –