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Violet holos!!


I got my order of Jade holos today from Annette of Shoppe Eclecticco shoppe Eclecticco and decided to let Violeta be my NOTD. 🙂
On with the pics!

I was quite happy with the brush as its not thin like some. Although not as wide as Opi, it does the job.
I find the formula for this a little bit thick so I can imagine it will work well for stamping.
Some more pics! This looks amazingly different when I use flash. Check out the bling!



The color is a wonderful periwinkle violet which works quite well with my skin tone. I am waiting to take some pics under the sun. Am quite sure it will be gorgeous 🙂

To add interest, I used bundle monster stamping plate and did a layer of lace like design to bring out the the base color more. Sadly, it can only be seen under the flash (shucks!).


I shall see how it wears over these few days. Till then! Good night from my part of the world heheh
PS- under the crazy hot sun today it looks like this!