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Purple cat


Hi Lovelies! How has the week been? TGIF! I have something that I have been lemming for the longest time on today. Check it out!







I used Hits mari moon modern girl’s Cutie Pie. This cutie is beautifabulous!! Sorry my photos cannot do it justice but the multi chrome is really strong and flashes green, purple, olive and even fushia. Hits’ was a surprise as I really did not expect much of them. I got them from ninja polish when they had their black Monday sale for half price! Can’t wait to try out the rest of the collection.
I then used Crows Toes’ Cheshire for my accent nail. Cheshire is something that I have been lemming for the longest time! Check out the bling! No application issues here and no dabbing required. It’s made up of purple hex in large and small sizes, gold and tiny green flakes suspended in a clear base. Love this and amazingly it somehow reflects the green in the rest of the fingers when I take the pix with flash. Crows toes is carried by Annette from shop eclecticco she is having a storewide 20% birthday sale now!! Check it out before the sale is over!
Thanks for reading and I would love to hear from you!!




Hi Lovlies! I am on a roll tonight. Making up for lost time 😀
So there I was spending a cosy Christmas at home with no plans at all. What better thing to do than cook up some festive mani right? Check it out!


I first used Enchanted Polish’s Ballerina Sprinkles as a base. This is light blue polish with a very subtle pink shimmer and very slight scattered holo on the nail.
Of course I won’t leave this alone :p






I used Hit’s Apolo a dark blue linear holo and created a gradation effect. Stamped this with white snowflakes and topped it all with Daring Digits’ Ice Age.
I love love love Ice Age. Really it’s give a blingy wonderful boost to the mani creating a snow flake effect. Made out of light blue tiny hex, large white hex suspended in a very light blue jelly base.. Love it!
I got this as a part of the grab bag from mei mei
She is having a special sale for Daring Digits. It’s only SGD10 a bottle!!! Grab while stocks last!! She ships worldwide except for Italy.
So what do you lovelies think? Snowflakes in sunny humid Singapore?


Holothon – blue


Happy Sunday all! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Sorry about the absence for Holothon but I am backkkk!
Today I have the make up Store’s Siw. It’s a wonderful light blue linear holo. On with the pics!




Check out the amazing linear holo of this baby! Confess it’s my fave holo of the month. Even with the blah weather today I can still see the linear holo indoors! The brush works great and no brush strokes or issues with application. The only problem is the polish does not seem to last, I had minor chipping after cleaning out my shoe cabinet.
Of course I cannot leave it along and sponged on a combination of glitter gal’s blue suede shoes and hits dark blue holo.


What do you think of this combination? Thanks for reading!

Teal Tuesday – ovarian cancer awareness


Hi Lovelies! Sorry I have been behind in my posts lately cos I have been away for two weekends in a row… 🙂

This week, Teal Tuesday is especially meaningful as we are raising awareness for ovarian cancer.  Teal is the ribbon color for awareness and support of ovarian cancer and September is the National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

Some information on Ovarian Cancer that we might not be aware of from their website

Ovarian Cancer is one of the most deadly of women’s cancers. Each year, approximately 21,880 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In 2010, approximately 13,850 women will die in the United States from ovarian cancer. Many women don’t seek help until the disease has begun to spread, but if detected at its earliest stage, the five-year survival rate is more than 93%. Recent research suggests that together the four symptoms of: bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, difficulty eating or feeling full quickly and urinary urgency or frequency may be associated with ovarian cancer.

Anyway, on with the nail stuff!

This mani almost did not happen as I just got my nail mail on Tuesday which consisted of Hits Holo blue and Klean Colour’s Holo Chrome and REALLY wanted to swatch it.

I used both of them and did a gradation glitter mani. Then I got to thinking, how about a duochrome holo? Wouldn’t that be totally blingtastic!? So I topped this with Girly Bit’s Street Magic.  This combination yielded a blingtastic, duo chrome holo that flashes blue, green, gold, holo…. and then stamped it with BM ribbon plate in silver.

Check it out!






How do you find the effect?

Would you try a duochrome-holo?

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Hits and selected Klean Colours can be purchased from Annette from Shoppe Eclecticco. Girly Bits can be purchased from Mei Mei