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French Roast anyone?


Hi dear lovelies! A very good end of week (yippee! Weekend coming real soon!)
Ok today I give you Cirque’s French Roast topped with ATG’s Spottie Dottie Goldie. Both are bought from The ever wonderful Mei Mei from Mei Mei Signatures

Cirque’s French Roast is a really interesting polish. I have never owned anything near to it. It’s very densely packed with subtle copper, gold and some red glitter. The first few coats really feels like grinded coffee grains on your nails but hang in there, after three or four coats, you will get the coverage.

I topped this up with two coats of seche, as with all glitter polish, it dries gritty and the glitter will not come thru properly without a good topcoat.

There is a nice aroma oil kind of smell after you apply the polish and that’s a bonus instead of normal nail polish strong pong *^^*

As you probably figure by now, I am not a one color polish kinda gal. I like to top up or play with nail art. So for added interest, I topped this manicure with ATG spotty Dottie gold.

I LOVE glitter and the bigger the better! Unfortunately, it’s not easy to work with large glitter. I do not have any problem picking the large glitter up but it needs a bit of work to distribute the glitter evenly thru out the nail. I also experienced mild curling BUT nothing two good coats of Seche won’t solve. I think the bling compensates for the tricky application in this case 🙂

How do you all like it? 🙂