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Holo butterfly birthday mani


Hi lovelies! How has your week been so far? As its my birthday month I participated in an instagram nail art contest. It’s my big four o this year so I had in mind something totally different. No candles or cake. More pensive n reflective therefore the butterfly wings. I was reflecting and thinking about morphing from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. A wonderful analogy for our lives don’t you think?




I used Fnug holo green as a base. Check out the linear holo!! Love it! I then freehand petals and dotted in black and white.
Hope you like this and thanks for reading!
PS – the ring was my inspiration, I will probably try this mani with the same colour combo next time.


Spotted tie dye


Hi lovelies! I have something super duper special for you guys today. Some time back Annette from shoppe eclecticcooffered fast fingers Facebook friends an opportunity to get the super exclusive released only in Europe Opi Spotted! Of course I jumped at the opportunity to grab it.
Trust me I was like Gollum from LOTR wrapping my hands around the precious bottle muttering ‘my precioussssssss’ when I received it.
Check it out!





I had initially wanted to layer this over a gradation of red, blue, yellow and green. This didn’t work cos the gradation could not be seen. So note to self, use just one base colour for this baby.
Application was slightly tricky cos it works best when it’s applied very thinly. I mean really thin, brush against the bottle twice thin.
The end result looks amazing, it’s spot on for a tie dye look. I would love to try this mani in another color combo but it’s so precious I need to think about a great color base…
Once again Annette has confirmed she is indeed my nail polish fairy godmother 🙂 thanks Annette!!
Hope you all like this combo and thanks for reading!

Can you see my holo holo holo


Hi lovelies! Sorry for the hiatus cos I have been away in Taiwan for a week long break ^^
Lovely surprise greeted me in the form of color club’s holos ordered from Harlow & Co.

Of course I had to swatch them pronto and I am starting with Cherubic. A light peachy-pinkish holo. My pics can’t capture this well but trust me the holo effect is A M A M Z I N G! Even indoors I can see double rainbows.
I then stamped roses on this mani to make the holo pop.



Formula is a bit thick so I had to apply thin coats. Actually one coat is enough for full coverage but I had to apply two cos I am finicky like that.
I had used nufu oh’s base coat with this polish but it did not do much to prolong wear as mine started to chip after two days.
Will swatch the rest real soon, watch this space! 🙂