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Hello Kitty Nails (Kawaiiiiii….)


Hi lovelies!

Ok I must admit, I have a love-hate thing going on with Hello Kitty. On the one hand, I love the cutesy-ness of it all, but really on a close to 40 y.o., I am not sure if it is too much 😛

Anyway, this was the very first stamping that I did after I got the plate from Annette, I was super duper excited and wanted to try out a very fine gradation base to bring out the ‘cute-sy’ feel of it.

Inspired by The Swatchoholic blog, I used a very fine makeup sponge and mixed a few pastel colours and this is how it turned out –



With this base, I stamped this –


Look at how well the plate stamps! Every little detail shows!

What do you think? Is this too much for someone in the 30s?


LV nail :p


I got the Fab Ur Nails giant nail stamping plate from Annette of Shoppe EclecticCoAnnette

This plate is really nice as its got most of the zany elements that I love – LV, Hello Kitty, Russian doll etc etc. This stamps really well as the designs are edged pretty deep ( bundle monster are you listening to me?).

So at a spur of the moment. I decided to try the LV monogram plate. I wanted to match the color of the classic
Monogrammed bag and so I had Opi’s You Don’t Know Jacques as a base and stamped it with Konad light bronze. Turned out pretty well don’t you think? For a non LV fan that is. Hehehe