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Thanks to Meimei from I got a huge haul today. Of course not forgetting the mini haul from the nail junkie. I can’t wait to start trying them out! Pics and reviews soon. Watch this space!

The Nail Junkie Haul

The Nail Junkie – Isnt the packaging wonderful? Looks Ab Fab!

Mini Haul from Mei Mei Signatures – Blaze (Sparkelicious to red hot mama, Blaze (Sequinned Silver to Vamp red), Glitter Gal Special pack (Silver Holo + Deep Green Sparkle), Megan Miller (Foxy) – Courtesy of Mei Mei (Thanks Dear!)


My very first blog!


Hello to the wonderful nail polish cyber world out there! I am finally here!
I have been obsessedwith nail polish for quite a while now and figured, hey I really should start a blog about my passions.
I have just started collecting SH nail prisms recently and am short of 11 bottles, so if anyone out there is interested to work on a swap, here’s my list –
Bronze pink
Pink amber
White ruby
Ruby emerald
Lilac aqua
Lavender gold
Pink gold
Platinum plum
Pink opal
Orange opal
Ruby opal

Tadah! Hope I can complete my collection in the next…..five years? Here’s some pics of the polish, I have yet to get down to swatching them and will keep you all updated!