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Velvet mani


I have been living under a rock and only recently found out Ciate is rolling out a new nail ‘look’ following the caviar manicure. It’s the velvet nails look and here it is.





I ordered the flocking for this look online and these are the two colors that I tried on once they arrived. I really dig the green cos it reminds me of a golf course putting green, so while I can’t play now due to a back injury…I can still reminisce….
Application is a breeze cos top coat is obviously unnecessary BUT it does create a mess and you need a small brush to dust off the excess flocking.
I think this look works great for fall/winter, very textured and matt creating a really luxe look. I will try out other colors soon, watch this space!

So what do you think of this trend? Yay or nay? Would love to hear from you !

Tips for application –
I tested on the wear for this mani and generally the flocking does fall off a little when you wash your hands. Make sure your base colour matches the flock quite closely so even if it does fall off, your base colour can camouflage that. Secondly, after applying flock, you must press the whole thing to your nail to make sure it sticks to your nail. Next brush off excess and you are done! My mani lasted 3 days.
Hope this helps! 🙂


Nars Zulu lost twin?


Hi lovelies! I have been lemming the fabled Nars Zulu since like… forever. As it was almost impossible to get them to ship to Singapore, I took matters in my own hand an started to look for dupes all over the place.
As the nail polish gods would have it, I found this little treasure in Bangkok! The platinum mall to be specific and I was super happy cos this cost like SGD2!

Not that I am a nail polish snob but I usually will not scour thru unnamed brands in case it causes terrible yellowing or worse make nails weak and brittle, but desperate times calls for desperate measures! Amazingly, this applies really well and has a jelly texture AND it does not cause yellowing! Check out the brush, it’s wide but not too much. To me, it felt just nice!

Check out the color! I reckon it’s a pretty close dupe of Zulu don’t you think?



The color is a deep dark green, indoors it looks almost black but under the sun and flash the lovely dark rich green shines thru.
This has got to be one of my best nail buys ever! I am not sure if I can find it again in Bangkok but I shall be on the lookout! 🙂