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MF fantasy fire dupe?


Hi sweets! I dunno about you guys out there but yes I am guilty of being swept in by the Clarins 230 craze. I confess I considered getting a bottle of it from evil bay! Good thing sense and kismet prevented me from doing this because darling Max Factor came up with the wonderful Fantasy Fire! I shan’t bore you with the blood, sweat and tears that took me to swap the first bottle BUT my nail polish fairy in the form of Annette from Shoppe Eclecticco bought them in from the UK!!! (victory dance).
At the same time, I read somewhere that Pam from Girly Bits created a dupe too!! Of course I immediately rushed to get a bottle from my other nail polish fairy Mei Mei from Mei Mei Signatures.
I am going to do a blow by blow comparison and please excuse the picture spam 🙂
First, check out the bottle shots!

As you can see, girly bits weighs in much more as fantasy fire is such a teeny tiny little bottle! That being said, the size of the bottles in no way affects the brush of either. They both apply beautifully with no drag and the formula of both are neither too thick or too thin. Very nice!


On to the effect on my nails. I topped both under the Nars dupe that I bought from Bangkok. It’s a very very dark almost black green.

I stared at my nails for a while and frankly I cannot tell the difference. Both are multichromes that shifts from olive green, red, purple and green.


It’s like mini bursts of shimmer in your nails.
FF has a strong purple jelly base whereas SH has a slightly red base. It’s quite neutral and for that reason, I suspect it will work better with lighter bases as compared with FF.

I am going to try both with different variations of dark polishes and see how they differ. One thing for sure, I can’t tell the difference for this base that I am using.
If you are lemming for unicorn pee, I would say scoring either are not shabby alternatives at all.


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