Spotted tie dye


Hi lovelies! I have something super duper special for you guys today. Some time back Annette from shoppe eclecticcooffered fast fingers Facebook friends an opportunity to get the super exclusive released only in Europe Opi Spotted! Of course I jumped at the opportunity to grab it.
Trust me I was like Gollum from LOTR wrapping my hands around the precious bottle muttering ‘my precioussssssss’ when I received it.
Check it out!





I had initially wanted to layer this over a gradation of red, blue, yellow and green. This didn’t work cos the gradation could not be seen. So note to self, use just one base colour for this baby.
Application was slightly tricky cos it works best when it’s applied very thinly. I mean really thin, brush against the bottle twice thin.
The end result looks amazing, it’s spot on for a tie dye look. I would love to try this mani in another color combo but it’s so precious I need to think about a great color base…
Once again Annette has confirmed she is indeed my nail polish fairy godmother 🙂 thanks Annette!!
Hope you all like this combo and thanks for reading!


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