Teal Tuesday – Foil nails – minx dupe?


Hi sweets! It’s Tuesday for TT again! This week’s theme is Geometric nails and as usual I am late oops ><

Anyway I have been fiddling with nail foils and have bought a bunch of foils from dollar nail art for ages (two years!). I was inspired by the lovely shiny minx nails look and had wanted to try this look for-evar! So today I have on my nails a teal-ish foil called Ocean Mist. The color reminds me of beetle wings as it flashes green, blue, gold with little ‘bubbles’ in gold and small purple flecks.

I cannot wait to get them on my nails! Check it out!


With flash

The irritating thing about foils is that they are like mirages, they do not stay like that and probably can only last for a few hours tops. I have yet to find a perfect topcoat to seal in the beautiful shine 😦
You see, the recommendation for foils is to not use fast drying topcoat as it crinkles the foil terribly. They didn’t tell us that even slow drying topcoat crinkles like crazy. I did some searching and someone on YouTube mentioned Star Nails Nail Art Finishing Sealant works…. So of course I jumped on it and ordered a couple of bottles. To be fair, it worked the best among all the topcoats I have tried BUT it was still not exactly satisfactory. I then stamped the mani over a geometric design from Red Angel plate 108 with konad black special polish.

What do you think? Will you use foils? If you do please share your experience ok? Till the next time! 🙂

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