Tex Mex flavor


Hi sweets! Happy weekend! Thought I will post my holidays mani before I fly off today for Bangkok (yay!)
Anyway, on to the nail stuff! So excited about this one cos I won two bottles of Megan Miller from the recent photo contest organized by Mei Mei Signatures and Megan Miller. I choose coral bliss, a lovely coral and velvet lounge, a dark purple.
I have for you coral bliss today.


This is 2 coats with 1 layer of seche. This color reminds me so much of the tex mex flavor so I stuck some turquoise bling on it to bring out that Mexican Texan flavor (ok blue bling cos I ran out of turquoise bling :p). I gotta try this with turquoise stamping next time.
The formula is great! Covers in two coats even though it’s not very thick. The thing about opaque color which I totally do not dig is that it’s crazy hard to handle. It’s either too thick and hard to handle or it’s so thin you need many coats. This is pretty good and easy to handle for me. And check out that cute bottle! The cork top is so easy to hold almost ergonomic! Hehe. What do you think?
Megan Miller can be bought from Mei mei signatures or check out the Megan Millerhere!








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